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We are pleased to welcome you to the best salon erotic massage Kiev city. Here you can get services such as erotic massage, body massage, Indian massage, French massage, aromatherapy massage, Su- Jok massage lingamm massage, anti-stress massage, relaxation massage, butterfly, erotic massage Kiev and other species. For you, our salon of erotic massage  work 24 hours, 7 days at week. You just can enjoy a massage home, in apartments or hotel. Please note, the masseuse can come to you if you are in the center of Kiev, in other areas we did not leave. When ordering a massage home you also pay 300 griven to the basic cost of the massage.


In our salon erotic massage you will be able to come as one, and with his partner, a massage " For couples." Level of service and cabin comfort will impress even the most sophisticated, because the name itself speaks of himself salon .... The rhythm of life metropolis makes sometimes forget about ourselves, constantly hurrying somewhere, no time and afraid of being late, so our cabin is in the heart of Kiev, but it remains an oasis of relaxation and pampering, visiting that want to come back again and again! Just give yourself an hour of time you can completely forget about all the difficulties and again be full of vigor, energy and optimism! Affectionate, gentle and caring hands of our beautiful masseuses will give your body the strength and soul of peace and tranquility. Since ancient times, massage is considered a great way to relax and restore functionality. He was a favorite pastime for the emperors, kings and great warriors.




 The word "massage" is of Greek origin, but it is still used BC in China, India, Japan, ancient Rome and Egypt.


 Erotic massage, blend the teachings and practices of different cultures that hundreds of years have passed examination, only better and better. It is impossible to say for sure in which country invented the erotic body massage. But it is safe to assert that it was the east of the country. It is on the east paid great attention to the relations between man and woman. Important role in the success of the relationship was given the ability to relax, so special attention was given to the secret touches and male body reactions to touch women. A special place in these cultures was allocated to various essential oils and incense. Presently it is difficult to imagine salon massage, erotic massage parlor without the use of a variety of spices, incense and after use with a variety of flavors started many thousands of years ago in India. It is there to explore and establish the aromatic incense. Which, may have different effects on the human body. Some flavors are aimed at relaxation, others give vitality, others excited. How many flavors as much and their actions.


Erotic massage in China, Japan, is of paramount importance. It is in these countries, it was erected on a pedestal. From an early age girls are taught the basics of pleasure. They were taught the secrets of the male body, reactions to those or other movement. Around and there was an erotic body massage. The most talented girls could hope for a successful relationship with a man. The generals, emperors, rulers and empires just wealthy people since ancient times gave special importance of erotic massage. You can also treat yourself to this incredible achievement for a democratic price. After all, the level of our prices will not hit your wallet!


Our erotic massage salon is located in the center of Kiev, on the street Tithe 7. We are the real salon, which, for you 5 massage rooms. They are decorated in different styles:


there is a mirror, VIP, and ancient Chinese massage rooms. With interior and description of rooms, you can, to get acquainted, "Interior" in the section of our site.


VIP erotic massage, massage is VIP treatment for those who like to pamper themselves. In the VIP salon of erotic massage Luxury body, you will appreciate the high level of massage, as well as directly to the cabin. VIP erotic massage is carried out in the VIP room, as well as in the mirrored room.


We are pleased to welcome you in our showroom 24 \ 7. Let the time you spent in the cabin suite -Body, will be one of the most memorable moments in your life. Give yourself pleasure, because you deserve it! Lovely masseuse waiting just for you ...