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Please note, we leave only the center.
When ordering "Massage on the house" you pay extra fare, in the amount of 300 UAH.
Masseuse, which will make you a massage, you can choose to look at the photo on the site. All the photos are real masseuses at 100%.
The masseuse will come to you if you do not use alcohol and drugs.
Services of an intimate nature in our lounge there, including ordering information "Massage on the house," you do not get to negotiate separately with the masseuse.
Do not forget, we have 100% in advance, do not put a masseuse is not nimble position.

You are always welcome in our showroom!

Erotic massage - an enchanting relax

Erotic massage salon - a place where you can feel elated, comfort, supreme pleasure, sensuality experienced masseuses and discover a sexuality. Here you get a charge of positive attitude, get rid of fatigue and stress and forget about the stress and everyday worries.
Modern man is sometimes difficult to find time for a good rest, especially for a massage. To always be on our toes, feel energetic and healthy and remove stress generated should choose special tricks. It should be as often as possible to enjoy a massage salon. It is here that you are ready to enjoy a great selection of savory treats and petting. You will be able to choose a professional eromassazh that normalizes blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, relieve depression and insomnia. It is done without the slightest hint of vulgarity. If you find the time for a vacation you very hard, then choose an erotic massage at home in Kiev. Beautiful and sexy masseuse will come to you and will be pleased with its high level of professionalism.
To get the most out of the session is very important that the masseuse established between the visitor and the favorable atmosphere of mutual trust. It is important to entrust all their innermost erotic fantasies and completely relax.

Erotic massage in the house - you get emotional lift

Professional eromassazh - is an art that will not leave without attention. It is said that this kind of massage has a positive effect both on the individual and on the psycho-emotional health. After the first session, you will immediately feel the effect and tranquility. You will long remember the erotic massage, because nothing can be so relax your body. Vano create a perfect and refined atmosphere of a comfortable rest and relaxation and to provide high-quality erotic massage. Obedient masseuse will immerse you in a state of indescribable bliss and help achieve the highest degree of happiness.
Erotic massage will allow you to look at the world very differently. You will forget about everyday troubles, the eternal problems, learn to control their emotions and to enjoy life. Such confidence will allow you to succeed.

High-quality erotic massage - a laid-back way to relieve stress

Eromassazh - is the best means of:
• Remove fatigue
• Take a break from household and labor problems
• Forget about stiffness
• Expand your limitless potential,
• Feel the new, unearthly sensations
• Normalize sexual function
• Increase the sensitivity
• Mobilize the forces of the body
• Activate the hormonal system
Massage exalt you at Everest bliss. The charming masseuses own techniques of erotic massage and know how to immerse you into the world of unreal temptations. They know very sophisticated massage techniques, and be able to surprise you. They plunge you into a world of new experiences.
Erotic massage on-site - a unique offering that is in high demand. You can trust thrilling, captivating, graceful erotic sparking emotions and forget about everything. Regular visits to a massage therapist great impact on strengthening the intimate relationship as a couple.
You want peace of mind, great mood, physiological and moral satisfaction? Choose high-quality erotic massage! You can become more active and take all the challenges of real life. Masseuses can turn your fantasy into reality!
Charge of special drive!