Geft certificates

You do not want the usual gift? Want to surprise a loved one? Gift certificate is perfect for a gift for any holiday, anniversary. Does not matter who you want to make a gift, boss, wife, girlfriend, colleague, husband or boyfriend, any person receiving such a gift will be pleasantly surprised. Very many are hesitant to come to themselves, say their wishes aloud, but received a gift happily enjoy this opportunity. In our showroom you can be 100% sure. We do not have any kind of questionable services, we did Salon VIP level in the center of Kiev, we comply with orders. norm. In our salon is always clean and use disposable kits and slippers. We really are a salon, not "flat converted under the salon." In our salon work only professionally trained masseuse.

Certificate purchase several options:

1. You can come and buy a certificate in interior, selecting the form of erotic massage, or pay a certain sum of money.

2. You can order the delivery of the certificate of your home or office. Phoned in advance and specifying the value of the certificate and the time of delivery. in this case you pay for the cost of the gift certificate 50-70grn.

3. You put your money at stake, and order delivery of the certificate. This option is suitable for anyone who is in another city or country.

Note for the certificate, you do not pay extra, paying only the cost of the massage.

When you order a certificate for the amount of 700grn, a gift from our cabin, a bottle of champagne.


Please the loved surprises them and they will thank you!